Welcome to Windle Trust Kenya Blog


Inset: The WTK Executive Director addressing students in one of  our schools in Dadaab refugee camp in 2011.

Our blog  provides you with updates  about Windle Trust Kenya (WTK) activities, information, and opportunities. Windle Trust Kenya offers a number  of programs to help refugees’ exploit their full potential like any other citizen. Windle Trust’s programs are focused on improving education in Kenyan refugee camps which  include:-

  • Education programs (Secondary Education)
  • Scholarship programs ( KEEP,SRP,DAFI, DD PURI,BHER among others)
  • Language Training ( ELP-English Language program)

For more information please visit our website by navigating to this url www.windle.org 



4 comments on “Welcome to Windle Trust Kenya Blog

  1. Big up for your good work! KEEP has gone along way in ensuring that girls are in school and remain in school. However, being a teacher working within the host community of Daadab Refuge Camp, I have noted another group which seems to have been forgotten and completely left out. This group is that of children with special needs in education.Note that while other communities in Kenya have gradually accepted children with special needs, this region has along way to go.As a special education teacher,I have a strong conviction that something can be done and has to done. I have a passion for them.

  2. I am impressed by the work that WTK is doing.its very motivating and its a wonderful thing that the young and the youths have been given a second chance by the society to conquer the odds and achieve academic satisfaction among other necessities.

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