WTK collaborates with WUSC

The continued partnership between WTK  & WUSC through student refugee program (SRP) has seen at least 795 students being resettled in Canada since its inception. Further, these young students successfully graduate and become professionals in various careers in Nursing, Engineering, and Social work among others. The programme has nurtured a culture of giving back to the society among the WUSC alumni’s whereby they support their own back in the camps.

WUSC (World University Service of Canada) is a non-governmental organization collaborating with WTK  to develop and deliver high-quality, results-driven development projects in Africa.Its also in  Asia and Latin America.To foster human development and global understanding through education and training

WUSC is among over 80 Sponsorship Agreement Holders in Canada that can privately sponsor refugees.  To our knowledge, We’re the only organization in the world that combines education and resettlement of  the youth.

Are you one of the WTK_WUSC Alumni and where are u ? ,keep us posted !!


4 comments on “WTK collaborates with WUSC

  1. WUSC collaborated with WTK your doing a great job. Thank a lot for your support toward vulnerable life of desperately heart of resettlement refugees like me…..
    Thought is quite hard to enrolled or to get those scholarship at least few can pursue their dream with yours agency. Thanked
    im refugee, mandated by UNHCR in dadaab camp

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