WTK in Dertu, Garissa county

Hard Work Never Goes Unrewarded

Garissa County is inherent of some of the rich cultural practices of the residents in the region. However there are some negative cultural practices that are a drawback to development efforts. Early and forced marriages of the girl child deny the young population opportunities to advance in education. KEEP project with the support from DFID has transformed the thinking patterns among Garissa residents particularly girl’s, parents, school stakeholders at Dertu Secondary school. Through a series of sensitization on the change of girl’s attitude towards early and forced marriages the enrolment of girl’s has increased immensely and girls have embraced education. In the 2015 KCSE results Dertu girl’s Secondary School managed to produce the top girl in the county.
From the dusty and remote village, to poorly staffed school located 100 kilometres from Garissa Town Ms Leila Yusuf emerged the top girl the county. Leila scored a B+ of 67 points emerging one of the best performers in the region from public schools attributing her success to hard work.

The KEEP project besides running sensitization sessions, other project interventions in the region include provision of solar lamps for girl’s to study for long hours in the night after undertaking their housework chores, Provision of Sanitary towels to girl’s at Dertu and other schools within Garissa county in order to realize retention of girl’s at school and above also teaching and learning materials to improve performance Leila the former Dertu girl’s secondary school was among the first batch of candidates from the institution to sit for their form four examinations





5 comments on “WTK in Dertu, Garissa county

  1. That is an amazing thanks to the organization KEEP WILL be And SHALL be REMEMBERED for ALL ITS INTERVENTIONS GUDUS TO THE STAFF AS WELL

  2. Bravo Ms Leila. Congratulations to WTK majorly KEEP for enabling this female minds to have societal value,let’s join hands in doing more.

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