Visit to WTK by Vicrum and Rachel Puri of DD Puri Foundation


 Vicrum and Rachel Puri of DD Puri Foundation at KEWI

WTK is the implementing partner of SCORE project, a scholarship programme that is funded by the DD Puri Foundation. Through this programme,15 refugees from Kakuma and Dadaab Refugee Camps have been awarded tertiary scholarships in 2015 and 2016 to pursue Diploma courses. This courses offer hands-on training in Water Engineering, Information Technology and Nursing.
Alumni of the DD Puri foundation currently stand at 22 bringing to a total of 37 the number of students supported since 2007.
This month, WTK was greatly honored to host Vicrum Puri and his wife Rachel Puri on their visit to Kenya to assess the progress of the scholarship program. The activities involved a meeting with WTK executive Director-Dr. Marangu and the senior management team, visiting SCORE students in their respective institutions of learning and a field visit to Kakuma Refugee Camp.
Discussions centered around future goals of the SCORE project in partnership with WTK, impact of the scholarship program, current status and emerging needs, meeting with relevant college /University heads for discussions on possible partnerships and getting insights from education specialists from WTK, UNHCR and GoK on the emerging trends and needs in education. The delegation also met with DD Puri Foundation alumni through whom the positive impact of the program has been felt.
We are grateful to the DD Puri Foundation for the support they have accorded us and look forward to future partnerships.